Comma Can Help 

No matter the tactic or tool, marketing is about making real connections with real people. We know how to do that. Read on to find out how we can help you!

Branding and Identity

Yes, this means logos. But it also means much more. We promise you will enjoy the creative process we use to discover what makes you different from your competitors and to develop compelling messaging and content so you can share your story.

We guarantee you'll love the unified, professional and engaging visual presence (logos, letterhead, packaging) we will provide your company or organization. 

Website Design and Development

We know you want a website that is easy to use, impossible to forget, and is responsive from the get-go. We build sites that function well and are artfully designed.

Our process (and pricing) covers hosting and email set up, loading text, search engine optimization, and testing across multiple platforms. We can also provide:

  • Writing  
  • Photography 
  • Annual maintenance plans 

Social Media

Whether you're just getting started or want to grow your social media presence, Comma can create an audience-building plan that is right for you.

To give you the confidence you need to take on this aspect of your marketing, we provide social media coaching services.

We would also be happy to design your social media landing pages and help you market your important events using Facebook and Twitter. 

Media Relations

To get covered in the news you need to ask: "Is my story newsworthy?" Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Comma knows the difference and can help you get the coverage you desire. We write feature stories for targeted publications, blog posts. We prepare press releases for distribution.

But what if your dream comes true and the media contacts you? No worries! We can help you identify your organization's experts and prepare them to respond effectively.

Marketing Strategy 

If you don't think you need a marketing strategy, or plan, at some point, then you're fooling yourself. We can help you craft a simple, straightforward approach to reaching the people you want to use your services or buy your products. It can be a couple of pages or much bigger.

And just so we're all clear: plans and strategies are not meant to be rigid formulas. Things like Great Recessions or family emergencies may enter into your equation and change everything. A good strategy is one that can be adjusted. A strong company is one that can be nimble. 

A La Carte. Because sometimes all you need is a little: 

  • Graphic design 
  • Writing and editing 
  • Event management 
  • Trade show or conference support 
  • PR campaign 

We would be happy to help you with these types of projects, too.

Get in Touch!

We'd love to hear from you. You can contact us using this form or call us at 919.967.8070. 

Certifications, Recognitions and Memberships

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What the client said: “I am extremely pleased with Comma's work in creating my website. From understanding my initial concept to the final product everything went smoothly. I also appreciate Comma's continued support in keeping the website current and moving my project into social media.” — Prue Meehan, Founder, The Women of Substance


Case Studies

  • ideacode Marketing and Trade Show Strategy

    Comma created a new messaging strategy for software firm ideacode and applied that message to web content and a new sales strategy to include trade shows and direct email marketing. More

  • MHAT Golf Tournament

    As part of a yearlong marketing contract with Mental Health America of the Triangle (MHAT), Comma organized a charity golf tournament, raising nearly $10,000 for the organization. More

  • YMCA Public Relations Efforts

    The Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA hired Comma as its first public relations consultant and saw improvements in its community advocacy, media relations and social media presence. More